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headmaster of the KadoEnshiu school of ikebana

Ken Ichiju Ashida

Born 1967 in Kyoto Japan. With his great-grandfather being Haruhisa Ashida(six-generation grandmaster) of the Seifu Enshiu school,and as the eldest son of Enshu(seven-generation Grandmaster),he has been involved with flowers since his early childhood.

After graduating from the Department of Space Presentation Design, Musashino Art UNV in Tokyo ,Ashida went to the U.S. to further his studies in Chicago, N.Y. until the time his return to Japan, he embarked upon his professional flower arrangement career. In1991, he was awarded a merit prize at the Kyoto ikebana exhibition, and in the following year of 1993, he took up his position as the Grand master of Kado Enshu School. Subsequently, he has accumlated numerous achivements through participation in United Nations charity parties, national Ikebana exhibitions, Lanvin-Mens75th anniversary party in Tokyo.

He demonstrated traditional ikebana works with in I.I.(Ikebana International)party,performed and designed the Nou stages"momijigari","kakitsubata","tadanori SAKURA"with Nou players in Kyoto,arranged orna-mental ikebana obdjets on the stage of Classic concert in Ginza Tokyo with Mr.Maro Shinozaki, who is the top violinnist and also the concert master of NHK Symphony orchestra.

On the other hand, opening several Ikebana ceremonies or exhibitions,in Kyoto,Tottori,Tokyo,Nigata,in Japan,or Taipei in Taiwan and so on, and also arrange Ikebana the party room for world celeblities or show-biz stars in Japan.

At the same time,he has conducted many training sessions so that general public can appreciate the pleasure of Ikebana or Japanese flower arrangement. He has also written many books including "Ikebana text book for beginers","100 Selected artists works" and "Hana(flower)Zizai"and more.

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